Portrait Photography Project: If The Cap Fits

Like many photographers I not only shoot commisioned work but I also create my own portrait photography projects. This project is a collection of street photography portraits captured in London and on my travels through Europe.

I’m a hat person after I walked into a shop in Camden, saw an eight pice beige cap and put it on. 

The sales assistant said it really suited me and that was that, siumple really. What does being a hat pertson mean to me though? How have I changed as a result of the conversion?

Well for one thing losing a hat or a cap is rather more painful than I imagined. I can now empathise with those who lose one, particularly if it’s associated with particular emotions & memories.

So when I was given the opportunity of exhibiting some work I need a project. What better than take street photography portraits & look into the hearts and minds of my new tribe. I had taken a couple of studio portraits of people wearing hats. To really capture my tribe in their element I set out asnd asked people I met on the street if I could take photography portraits of them. I also requested their name and one word relevant to their hat. Just one word mind which was a lot tougher than you might imagine. Not a whole life story ….though some of those were quite fascinating.

So that’s pretty much it. I travelled in Europe in the Summer of 2012 and took photography portraits in the street as I went. Others I captured back in London.

I haven’t included location as my tribe are found accross the globe. (continued below gallery)

When I took the images I was asking the subject and myself : “what are you wearing this for?”

Is it for practical, personal, visual, fashion, spiritual or other reasons?

Are they fitting in or standing out? Are they making a show or attempting to conceal? Is it their choice or not?

Since the vdawn of time man has adorned himself with hats, crowns & all manner of decorative creations. They have had many different purposes.

Perhaps when you look at the portrait without a name or a word beside it you can use your imagination to fill in the blank. Why do they wear the hat and what does it mean to them?

Finally maybe you can ask yourself whether you’re a hat person or not? 

And why are you one or the other?

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