Personal Portrait Photography & Reportage Projects

Like many professional photographers, photography is not just a job it is a passion. This page is dedicated to some of the personal photography projects that I have photographed over the years. The primary theme running through these personal portrait photography projects is that of identity. This is a subject I believe photography can express better than any other medium. Humans are visual creatures. We communicate so distinctly in visual terms that it’s an area of endless possibilities. 

The other area where photography can express ideas and concepts as strongly is reportage or documentary photography. This is visual story telling. The projects below which are not pure identity themes are reportage or documentary photography style. Please click on the images to go through to the galleries

save Gaby's Deli

documentary photographer
Save Gaby's Deli

If the Cap Fits

portrait photographer near me
If the Cap Fits personal portrait photography project

The Silent Pilgrims

london based portrait photographer
The Silent Pilgrims

Jean Pierre: Banklrobber

london studio portrait photographer
Jean Pierre: Bankrobber

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My personal projects are above: If the cap fits , The Silent Pilgrims, Save Gaby’s Deli  or Jean Pierre : Bankrobber .

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