Portrait Photography Project: Jean Pierre - Bankrobber

Portrait photography is an opportunity to catch a glimpse of someone if the photographer can build a rapport with his subject.

This Slideshow is of a friend Jean Pierre. I was lucky enough to persuade him into stiing for me in a studio. He has had an incredible life and is currently writing his life story. This  may be made into a film. He spends many hours going into prisons & hospitals to help other people who want to get sober & substance free. He spent many years behind bars serving time for armed robbery.

In this portrait project I was fortunate enough to capture him both enjoying life and also talking about his troubled and abusive childhood.

I chose the music as it fits perfectly with the man and the project.  However I do not condone or encourage his former criminal activities. Joe Strummer from the Clash apparently upset his own rather straight father by penning this song. My own father was as far from this activity as you could imagine though that did not prevent me from spending time behind bars many years ago in a far off land to which I can never return..

Like JP I am sober and substance free & we are enjoying the best years of our lives that way. Thanks for watching and bigger thanks to JP.

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