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How much are professional headshots in London?

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How much does a professional headshot photographer charge for Actor or LinkedIn Headshots

If you are reading this then the chances are you looking for an actual figure or a suggestion as to how much to pay for professional headshots. I will include a link to my portrait-photography page at the end of this blog post to show much much I charge. Before that I want to explain why headshot photographers charge what they do and why you might decide that what they charge is reasonable and a sound investment.

Near where I live there are cafes that charge 80p for a coffee and others that charge £3.40 Is the product the same? Almost certainly not and are the customers the same in both places? Almost certainly not too. When it comes to coffee and portrait photography different people see value in different ways. The person paying 80p for a coffee might think that £3.40 is extortionate …..and the one that pays £3.40 might think that they would never drink a coffee that costs 80p as it must taste awful.

Before you get distracted and go away thinking about coffee ….let’s bring it back to london headshots.

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What is the purpose of your headshot photosession?

Firstly I always ask people what is the purpose behind getting professional headshots taken?

Let’s assume (always a dangerous thing I know) that you are doing this for business purposes. You might be an actor needing headshots. Maybe you need a business profile portrait for your own start up for part of a larger commercial organisation or for LinkedIn? Whatever the reason you want to get some images to portray yourself to the world. And for that you are considering at least to employ the services of a professional headshot photographer.

As people we all make snap judgements ….both in person and online. In today’s fast paced world it is imperative that we do our best to create the best first impression.

How we dress & appear can have a huge impact on how others perceive us. Would you be comfortable with a solicitor representing you or a surgeon operating on you if on his avatar he was wearing a t shirt and shades? Conversely would you employ a bricklayer or a gardener who had a headshot of themselves all dressed up in a suit?The answer is probably not. You would not be able to match what your own expectation of how these people should appear and how they do online. There is a lack of congruence to how they represented themselves.

I think you follow my point …..a headshot is not just a quick snap that is taken but a serious photographic portrait that should reflect not only yourself but the purpose behind it.

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What are the different elements that go towards creating the right professional headshot.

The first thing is how you look. By that I mean how you dress & groom yourself to appear in front of the camera and your chosen London headshot photographer.

<p”>Let’s now look at things from another perspective. How often do you get your haircut? And how much does it cost? I spoke with a local hairdresser recently. She said a woman might typically spend £25 to £35 on a haircut. A man might spend around £20 to £25. Her typical client gets their hair cut every 6 weeks or so. So let’s stretch that to 2 months and take the average haircut to cost £25.

That would mean you spend £150 each year to walk around looking as you do …at least in the hair department. That is just the cost of the cuts alone … much do you spend on hair & grooming products too? …..It will add quite a bit to the total.

And again what is the purpose of this? It’s so you walk around with a certain style and look that you feel comfortable with. It may suit work or your personal life more but you are investing time and money to create a certain “look”

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Looking the part: Wearing the correct outfit for your headshot session.

If you go to work then the chances are that you dress appropriately too. A warehouse worker would not dress like a maitre’d in a fine dining restaurant. If you do not look the part then you are not going to fit in. You will struggle to create the correct impression with your target audience. You are not going to evoke the correct emotions within them. Trust is everything and so investing in building trust and credibility with your target audience is essential.

If you are a tradesperson then you may branded polo shirts and overalls or jeans. If you are a professional the chances are that you have a couple of suits that you wear to work. I spoke with a PR woman recently who mentioned that at every meeting she as told to dress as “casual chic”

You & I do this in order to fit in or indeed stand out in the correct way so that we create the best impression and are chosen above our competitors. In a world of seemingly endless choices people buy from people. They buy more and work more with people they like and trust. Good LinkedIn profile pictures or actor headshots will help you get chosen over your competitiors,

Posing for your actor headshots or LinkedIn profile pictures

So we have addressed what to wear and how you have groom yourself. Now you have to take into account that you need to pose…or indeed be posed in the correct way. A good professional headshot photographer will be able to position you correctly. This can either be sitting or standing depending on what looks best or is most comfortable.

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Lighting for your London headshots

You need to have the professional business portrait correctly lit. In a photography studio it is possible to alter the strength, direction and intensity of the light. On your own, with a phone, however much Apple, Samsung & Huawei might disagree it’s not possible to do this.

By employing the services of a professional headshot photographer you are choosing someone who has the proper kit and lighting ability to do this for you. I am not going to deny that it’s possible in certain circumstances to take a good picture with your phone. However there are so many variables that can go wrong. If you are serious about yourself and your business are you willing to take that chance? If you are then go ahead.  Choosing to get a professional headshot taken means you understand what a sound investment it is to project the right image online 24/7.

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What is included in your actor headshots or LinkedIn profile picture session?

Before booking a London headshot photographer be sure to ask and to understand exactly what is included in the price. Different portrait & headshot photographers will charge different amounts because they offer different packages. They might offer a different number of images or in diferent formats.  Some may charge for the session itself and then ask more for the images. Always clarify things prior to the photosession so you are clear what you can expect and what is expecxted of you.

Find out what I charge for headshots in London by visiting my Portrait Photography page.  You can also visit my Family Portrait Photography page. Take a look at some of my portrait photography Projects including If the cap fitsThe Silent Pilgrims or Jean Pierre – Bankrobber. Find out more about me or you can contact me.


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